Dragon egg pendant necklace purple, mermaid cameo pendant necklace


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Dragon Necklace Cameo Pendant, Iridescent Blue Dragon Egg Charm Jewelry Dragon Scales, Iridescent Mermaid Necklace, Mermaid Pendant Jewelry
Iridescent dragon egg necklace with dragon scales. Dragon scales base is blue and purple, with several iridescent shades that show up depending on angle and light. Dragon egg is placed on a beautiful cameo base, and the pendant dimensions are 1" x 3/4 inch (30 mm x 23 mm).

You can choose in options between two necklace lengths: 14 1/2 inch (38 cm) and 23" (60 cm) (photograph #4 shows shorter necklace with white dragon egg pendant).

Photograph #4 shows all 4 colors of pendants. They are listed separately. For each color there is a separate listing: